Divided di có giới từ gì? &quotdivide into&quot hay &quotdivide by&quot?

Divided di có giới từ gì? “divide into” hay “divide by”? dĩ nhiên chắn là câu hỏi chung của siêu nhiều người. Để hiểu hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng như bí quyết dùng “Divided” trong Tiếng Anh như thế nào, hãy cùng sentayho.com.vn tìm hiểu chi tiết ngay trong bài viết dưới đây.

Divided di với giới từ gì? "divide into" hay "divide by"?
Divided di có giới từ gì? “divide into” hay “divide by”?

Divided nghĩa là gì?


Tính từ

  • chia thành 2 hoặc nhiều nhóm đối lập, những người ko thể đồng ý: cut up into two or extra opposing teams who can’t agree:

The celebration is deeply divided over basic points, akin to immigration and the funds deficit.

Greater than ever we appear lớn be a divided nation.

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Republican leaders are badly divided on the plan. The battle left the nation bitterly divided. Students are completely divided on this level. He struggled lớn preside over a severely divided Cupboard. I’ve by no means identified attitudes lớn be so divided.

Divided đi có giới từ gì?

divide + into

The ebook is split into three components.

divide + by

R13 080 divided by R1 200 is 10,9.

divide + between

They have been divided between French and German troops.

Mức độ phổ thông} của giới từ theo sau Divided

In 55% of circumstances divide into is used

It’s divided into three sections.

Sunnah is split into three sorts.

Undue affect is split into precise undue affect and presumed undue affect.

The four-hundred-gallon tank was divided into separate compartments for every animal.

I hell him! From the look of issues and referenced lớn these feedback, Nigerians are divided into 3 classes; 1.

The LP was meant lớn make sense because it regarded visually on the chart with an enormous circle divided into twelve segments.

One of many benefits of this Icebreaker is that on the finish of all of it, you’ll have the group divided into groups.

An ideal fifth (7 half-steps) will be divided into a significant third (4 half-steps) plus a minor third (3 half-steps).

In 19% of circumstances divide by is used

At present you’d have lớn divide by 8.

Voters are deeply divided by race and age.

You will discover any nice fiction novel that includes journey divided by area of the world.

Let $x$ be an integer that leaves a the rest of $1$ when divided by $2$, $3$ and $5$.

Annual working = $6,308 (mounted prices for over 2,000cc vhicle) divided by 52,000km = 12.

One unit of proportional measure is the accessible proportional width divided by the sum of the proportional components.

The calculation of the person fee is Annual working = 13,000 divided by mounted prices for cc class ($4,507) = 34.

This cell continues lớn divide by unusual cell division along with the non-trisomic cells and a combination is produced.

Understanding a dividend’s yield is essential, which is solely annual dividends divided by the worth of the inventory.

In 6% of circumstances divide between is used

This group might be divided between the 2 comps anyway.

Homs itself has now been divided between rebels and Assad’s forces.

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So, the $10B spent is merely divided between $9B for the RR and $1B by the government.

His circle is split between supporters of the previous and of the latter options.

The duties known as for by this necessity have to be divided between the feminine and male.

The well being service was established on an area foundation, with the price divided between employers and the employed.

Any capital appreciation is split between the family and the opposite shareholder on the premise of the stake owned.

Value: Webhosting plans are talked about and divided between reasonably priced internet hosting, funds internet hosting and low cost internet hosting.

In 5% of circumstances divide in is used

By no means divided in goal or will.

Division: Divide in spring or autumn.

Ponies are nonetheless divided in a way.

BODY (trunk) is split into the chest (thorax ), abdomen (stomach) and pelvis (pelvis).

Lớn add lớn the precariousness of their scenario, the massive diocese of Lyon was divided in 1822.

Peterson’s Legislation: Historical past exhibits that cash will multiply in quantity and divide in worth over the long term.

The subordinate courts in Bangladesh will be divided in two broad lessons, specifically, civil courts and legal courts.

NET functions constructed on a tiered structure they’re divided in 4 components: UI (ASPX pages ), code-behind (ASPX.

CNN-IBN: Be it a politician or individuals from all throughout the social obstacles or language divides in India, you unite all of them.

This historic land of Bharatvarsa was divided in Bharat — Pakistan on the premise of Two Nation Idea, very sadly in 1947.

In 4% of circumstances divide on is used

Though opinion continues to be divided with reference to its reputation.

The remainder of the victories are divided on 5 drivers from 4 completely different groups.

In the meantime, it appears the Nationwide Govt Council (NEC) is split on Jacob Zuma.

Diplomats have additionally mentioned that the council was divided on the problem of the charcoal gross sales.

The viewers was divided on local weather change; and (seemingly) united in opposition to racial discrimination.

Turkish individuals are virtually equally divided on the problem of obligatory spiritual classes in colleges.

On this try Sri Lankan society is split on ethnic boundaries lớn please the Sinhala majority lớn go along with the GOVT.

One of many reviews co-authors mentioned respondents lớn surveys and open homes have been divided on the advantages of becoming a member of the NCAA.

You might be divided on new propositions and plans, however you’re unanimous in rejecting and denouncing the previous coverage of the fathers.

Persons are divided on its deserves, however for Bess, the overriding concern is lớn cease the violence that’s killing indigenous Australians.

In 2% of circumstances divide amongst is used

This duty was divided among the many Quraish’s 4 tribes.

It isn’t going lớn be so clearly divided among the many parameters of West and East, White and Asian.

The Metropolis Throughout the early years of town, there had been completely different teams and divides amongst them.

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Stalin had agreed that Berlin ought to be quartered and divided among the many victorious Soviet, American, British and French forces.

The variety of trustees a brand new amalgamated board would have and the way the district could be divided amongst trustees hasn’t been decided.

The quantity of subsidies lớn political events is split among the many events relying upon their relative illustration in Finland’s Parliament.

Within the seven years (1994 — 2000) prior lớn a Taliban opium ban, the Afghan farmers ‘ share of gross earnings from opium was divided amongst 200,000 households.

When contacted Supreme Courtroom advocate Ahsanul Karim, he instructed, ‘ had Humayun Ahmed not shaped any Belief earlier than his loss of life then the entire property shall have lớn be divided amongst his heirs.

He likes for you lớn worship Him, not lớn affiliate something with Him, and lớn maintain quick, all collectively, by the Rope which He (stretches out for you ), and never lớn be divided amongst yourselves cf.

In 2% of circumstances divide over is used

French public divided French individuals are deeply divided over injecting services.

The 2012 election makes clear that Individuals are divided over basic questions.

Psychiatrists are divided over the query and the courtroom has been left lớn attain a ultimate conclusion.

Labour, divided over reform however united in loathing the coalition, was by no means going lớn come lớn Clegg’s support.

Every matter will take an hour of sophistication time which may very well be divided over a two day interval or as most closely fits the category.

With a 4-4 trump match the 2 remaining trumps are divided over the 2 arms, one in Dummy and one in Declarer’s hand.

The luhya council of elders is now sharply divided over the newly shaped western alliance between presidential aspirants from the area.

To this point the polls have homosexual marriage and the immigration regulation passing by a long-shot whereas Marylanders stay divided over the playing concern.

Bloggers, social media customers and different Netizens doing journalistic work via the brand new communication applied sciences are divided over the problem.

Historians are divided over this, however no matter twists the route took, one factor is for certain: the Israelites had crossed the Purple Sea, so that is the place Ron concentrated his efforts.

In 1% of circumstances divide about is used

WHAT IS THE RESTRAINER? Theologians are divided in regards to the that means of those mysterious phrases of St.

Specialists are actually divided about whether or not the treatment-as-prevention strategy can primarily halt the AIDS epidemic.

However specialists are actually divided about whether or not the treatment-as-prevention strategy can primarily halt the AIDS epidemic.

In Australia, like in every single place within the developed world, educators and fogeys have lengthy been divided in regards to the worth of homework.

Opinions appear divided about this, did Chelsea leak the story or was it some tabloid reporter sniffing round? If we’re accountable for leaking it lớn the media, that was unsuitable, very unsuitable.

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In 1% of circumstances divide alongside is used

We’re being divided alongside financial strains.

Sadly, Somalis are divided alongside clan strains, not on the premise of geography or colonial heritage.

Why do they, then, boycott, kill, and repulse one another? People, throughout historical past, have been divided alongside racial ethnicities.

Equally, the remainder of the forged is just about divided alongside the identical line, with one facet of the story a lot broader than the opposite.

I actually imagine too that the worst is but lớn come, Nigerian has by no means been so divided alongside faith, area and ethnic sentiments like now.

Wales is already divided alongside language strains, that division begins within the faculty system the place WM colleges have a really completely different character lớn EM colleges.

We’re so deeply divided alongside political, tribal and spiritual strains that somebody studying this might be spending all their time making an attempt lớn place me in a single slender field or one other.

It doesn’t function in Japan, as a result of though there are a lot of extra alternatives for seminars and conferences lớn alternate concepts, these might typically be divided alongside factional strains (e.

In 1% of circumstances divide amongst is used

The French have been additional divided amongst themselves.

A disgrace the Iraqis are so divided amongst themselves.

In 1744 the world was divided amongst Nilambar’s sons and the Puthia Raj Household grew lớn a dynasty.

Alternatively, Husein Mirza gave the rest of the treasure, which Mir Isa had divided amongst his troops, lớn Mir Salih.

And as this financial catastrophe unfolds, the lords of the system appear no extra clued-in as lớn how lớn handle or remedy it, and are divided amongst themselves with no clear thought of how lớn proceed.

In 1% of circumstances divide as is used

However specialists are divided as lớn which is the easiest way lớn save on your retirement.

The Ghanaian workforce is split as 28% in companies, 20% in trade and 52% in agriculture.

Current UK case regulation is as nuanced and as apparently divided as the 2 Technical Board of Enchantment selections talked about above.

In 1% of circumstances divide from is used

They’re divided from each other by oath; blood-guilt hovers between them; he owes an obligation lớn his line.

Shifting lớn the USA would nonetheless depart a Canada that’s divided from america for no good purpose.

One other means of expressing this dissonance in Luther? s expertise is that revelation was divided from salvation.

But their reverses? Dunkirk, Pearl Harbor, Suez and Vietnam amongst them? have come once they have been divided from one other.

This derelict house was divided from the upstairs flat by a picket trellis fence and measured 4 yards lengthy by an analogous width, so it was troublesome lớn get misplaced in.

This space is split from the technical part by a glass wall, which ensures that the visible hyperlink is preserved whereas insulating it in opposition to the noise from the wind tunnel.